Did the Wall GoFundMe Founder Use the Money to Buy a Yacht?

 · A GoFundMe campaign to subsidize what it called "the Trump Wall" will refund all money to donors because it did not meet its $1 billion goal, said Bobby Whithorne, director of North America.

 · Florida is investigating WeBuildTheWall, Inc., an organization that has begun building a border wall on private property in New Mexico.

Where did he get the money if his business was destroyed by Facebook? " Kolfage’s GoFundMe page touched a nerve amongst Trump supporters during the President’s I hate fuckers that take money under false pretense. Kolfage is using the wall money to fly private, range rovers boats, etc."

 · Kolfage bilked gullible xenophobes for $22 million and counting. That won’t build much of a WALL, but he should have more to show for his hard-swindled dollars. The WALL donors, technically known as "marks," dreamed of crying migrant.

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Did the Wall GoFundMe Founder Use the Money to Buy a Yacht? How will the GoFundMe for Trump’s border wall ensure that funds go strictly toward the wall instead of other governmental uses?

But the Florida resident is now facing questions about the progress of the wall. His yacht is inset. purple heart triple amputee veteran behind $20million ‘build the wall’ gofundme hits back at claims he is misspending funds after buying a $600,000 boat – as donors question what happened to their.

A GoFundMe page set up to collect money for Donald Trump’s US- mexico border wall has already raised more than $11million dollars in four days. Despite its name, the page isn’t actually raising money to buy ladders – instead, the money donated will go to the Refugee and Immigrant Centre for.

The GoFundMe page to build the wall, to which he’d donated, was a Kolfage and We Build the Wall’s board of directors have spent plenty of time in Arizona, ostensibly scouting private land to We Build the Wall didn’t respond to requests for comment. In a Facebook comment this week, the group.


The GoFundMe campaign was the brainchild of Twitter user @HoarseWisperer and Charlotte Last night, @HoarseWisperer joked about a GoFundMe to buy ladders in response to this border wall Ultimately, the money will actually be spent on legal assistance for immigrants. "You see, they’ll never.