Equitable Mortgage Doctrine In Florida

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Equitable subrogation allows a party discharging another party’s debt to step into the shoes of the creditor who held the discharged debt. In the context of mortgages, it is generally the law in Florida that the first mortgagee has priority to any subsequent creditors, including other mortgagees.

Equitable Subrogation. equitable subrogation permits one insurer that is not primarily liable to the insured to shift the entire loss to another insurer that is primarily liable to the insured. Fireman’s Fund Ins., supra. The doctrine applies in two distinct scenarios: (1) in an action by an excess insurer against a primary insurer, and (2) in.

Equitable Subrogation: Protecting Lien Position in a Foreclosure Action. The doctrine of subrogation enables a party discharging another’s debt to step into the shoes of the creditor who held the discharged debt. Subrogation plays a significant role in the mortgage context, as the concept acts as an exception to a state’s recording statute,

Renata Petrylait ] Can the doctrine of equitable estoppel be applied against a government?100 As the very term equitable’ implies, “the whole doctrine of equitable estoppel is a creature of equity and is governed by equitable principles”16. Equity in its turn denotes fairness and justice.

 · Under the doctrine of equitable conversion, the risk of loss of realty passes to the buyer as soon as a contract of sale is executed between the.

In Florida, since mortgage foreclosure lawsuits are considered equitable proceedings, (See – Cross v. Federal Nat’l Mtg. Ass’n, 359 So.2d 464 (Fla. 4th DCA 1978)) , one of the most common equitable defenses in Florida jurisprudence is the doctrine of “unclean hands.”

This discussion will focus on some of the defensive trends that defense attorneys may utilize in their attempts to defeat a subrogation claim. In Florida. or conventional subrogation and (2).

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Real Estate Contracts and the Doctrine of Equitable Conversion in Washington: Dispelling the Ashford Cloud Linda S. Hume* I. INTRODUCTION The installment real estate contract is often called the "poor man’s mortgage."’ Historically, it was used by sellers to finance land sales when there was no institutional funding avail-