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By population, the United States of America is the 3rd largest country in the world, falling far behind China (1.39 billion) and India (1.31 billion). Its most populous states are California (states are California (39.5 million) and Texas (28.7 million), and its most populous city is New York City (8.4 million).

California is a large state on the west coast of the United States that is home to one of the world’s most diverse populations. Our current estimate for California’s population in 2019 is 39.75 million. At the last official united states census carried out in 2010, the population of California was declared at 37,253,956 which makes the state the most populous by a wide margin over 2nd place.

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U.S. CENSUS BUREAU. Between 2014 and 2060, the U.S. population is pro-jected to increase from 319 million to 417 million, reaching 400 million in 2051. The U.S. population is projected to grow more slowly in future decades than. ethnic composition of the population-both the.

The West German government put the total at 14.6 million, including 1 million ethnic Germans who had settled in territories conquered by Nazi Germany during world war ii, ethnic German migrants to Germany after 1950 and the children born to expelled parents.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called out China for trying to “erase its own citizens,” criticizing the country’s treatment.

Some two million ethnic Germans living inside the Soviet Union were expelled, many to Siberian gulags. Around half a million from Hungary, 300,000 from Romania, and smaller numbers from Yugoslavia and other areas were also expelled.

In 2011, there are 18.1 million naturalized citizens in the United States, accounting for 45% of the foreign-born population (40.4 million) and 6% of the total US population at the time, and around 680,000 legal immigrants are naturalized annually.

The foundation plans to award grants totaling $2 million. The primary focus is to aid collaborative. Examples are children under the age of five, highly mobile people, racial and ethnic minorities,

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Which example best illustrates folk culture according to the definition? Dressing up in shirt and tie for an upcoming interview Dressing up in cowboy clothing for the annual texas rodeo competitions Putting on shoes before leaving the house Wearing heavier clothing during winter months This religion is predominant in Asia, with 365 million followers, including many Chinese.