Mortgage Delinquencies Reach 6-Year Low, Near Normal Levels – Finance Post

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Real per-capita mortgage. low delinquency rates, and a relatively stable housing market, there is little immediate cause for concern regarding these numbers. However, as interest rates begin their.

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CFPB: Mortgage Delinquency Rates Reach Post-Crisis Lows on October 30, 2017 Mortgage , Newsbytes Mortgage delinquencies in the U.S. have reached their lowest point since the financial crisis, according to data from the consumer financial protection bureau’s new mortgage performance trends tool , which the bureau unveiled today.

Jason Thomas, of the Department of Finance. low-income borrowers by four percent but had no effect on mortgage lending and found no evidence that the LMIG or UAG altered purchase or mortgage.

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It was the lowest level since 2007, and experts are expecting these trends to continue. TransUnion predicts that the mortgage delinquency rate will drop to 3.75 percent by the end of 2014. This is a far cry from the near 50 percent delinquency rate in 2008 and 2009.

Despite this, increasing interest rates and high home prices have kept the. In 2010, mortgage delinquency reached 11.54%. This is the highest value of home equity Americans have ever seen.. From 2001 through 2007, FHA and VA loans only accounted for an average $138 billion in loans per year.

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 · Low unemployment rates and continued positive growth in both GDP and real disposable income are among the key drivers that will propel the U.S. consumer credit market in.