Mortgage Servicing Fraud: Lender Document Experts

preventing, detecting, and investigating potential mortgage fraud and other suspicious activity, and are expected to report such activity to Freddie Mac. We are providing suggested best practices in this document to assist you in establishing or improving your existing mortgage fraud program. In addition, these practices may help manage other

NRS 645F.440 Foreclosure purchasers: Transaction rescinded due to fraud or deceit. NRS 645F.540 Duty to submit certain documents, fees, fines and costs through. “Mortgage servicer” means a person who directly services a mortgage loan, appoint deputy commissioners of mortgage lending, examiners, assistants,

Mortgage Origination and Servicing. The CFPB enforces several laws, such as the Truth in Lending Act and the real estate settlement procedures act. These laws require lenders to disclose information to homebuyers before buying and over the life of the mortgage. File a complaint with the CFPB if you have a problem with a new or existing mortgage.

Homeowners are not the only victims of mortgage fraud. Banks, mortgage companies and Government Sponsored Enterprises, i.e. Freddie and Fannie, suffer huge loses too.

Truth be told, the easiest way to explain Mortgage Servicing Fraud is to start by explaining the difference between Mortgage Servicing Fraud and Predatory Lending. Here’s Part I of II by Guest Blogger: Mike Dillon There are literally thousands of people like myself facing and fighting illegal foreclosure attempts due to mortgage servicing fraud.

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Average US Mortgage Size Hits Record-High $354,500 – The Florida Post That raised the industry’s average ratio of capital to assets to 9.2 percent, matching the record-high. size banks remain vulnerable. That’s especially true in states hit hard by the real estate.

People arrested include buyers, sellers and others across the wide-ranging mortgage industry. The take down focused primarily on lending fraud, foreclosure rescue. complex and rely on intense.

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There are many mortgage modification scams in the marketplace (more on this below).. Foreclosure is the process by which a lender that is servicing a mortgage loan. If the homeowner pays the fee, nothing happens on the homeowner's file and. professionals and companies in the real estate and mortgage industries.