Romney Hits Gingrich on Housing Ties

Mr. Gingrich has gained ground in the polls more than Mr. Romney has lost it. Two days ago, our forecast had Mr. Gingrich with 22.6 percent of the vote, so he has gained about 11 points since then. Meanwhile, Mr. Romney’s projection has declined less than 3 points – to 33.6 percent from 36.1 percent – over the same interval.

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While other rivals to Romney struggle for cash, Gingrich does not. The Super PAC. It grew into a huge hit, attracting tens of thousands of visitors. "He does not. Since 2006 their ties have also been financial. In that year.

MERRIMACK, N.H. – Newt Gingrich finished his New Hampshire campaign swinging. Talking with a small group of reporters just hours before the polls closed in the first-primary state, Gingrich hit Mitt.

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But how to tie them all together?. A year later, Newt Gingrich published A Nation Like No Other: Why. Mitt Romney deployed the phrase frequently in his 2012 campaign, For some progressive pundits, things hit rock bottom when. or buy expensive houses to gain access to the best public schools.

Gingrich and Romney go head-to-head tonight for the first time in Florida in an NBC News debate at the University of South Florida in Tampa.. Comments. Romney Hits Gingrich on Housing Ties.

Romney defends his extreme wealth For one thing, there’s still economic pain in the state due to the problems in housing and foreclosure. In addition, the Romney campaign sees a chance to tie Gingrich to that pain, since Gingrich is.

Romney also hit Gingrich on his ties to Freddie Mac. "He was at a debate saying the politicians who took money from Fannie and Freddie should go to jail, which is outrageous in itself," Romney.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich Monday lambasted mitt romney for his failed drive to derail GOP front-runner Donald Trump, calling his.

TAMPA, Florida-Mitt Romney’s campaign released it’s first negative ad of the cycle, which will begin airing in Florida this week, slamming Newt Gingrich on his ties to Freddie Mac.

Mitt Romney’s campaign has zeroed in on Newt Gingrich’s time advising mortgage giant Freddie Mac, hitting the former Speaker with a new television ad and a series of interviews with Romney and.